Learn theory, examples and practical exercises to get you designing, not just thinking.

Fri., 12 April 2019 9:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST

Location: Sydney CBD, NSW

This is an introductory experiential workshop for professionals who want to learn more about a very topical subject. AI is exciting, but many organisations struggle with the concept and benefits. Come and discover how AI can be successfully deployed in your organisation.

This course is for those who are looking to embed digital in their organisations and is ideal for Senior Managers and Business Heads who want to understand and harness AI to secure their future and simplify their business.

This workshop explores

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The 5 myths of AI

The current hype around AI and why it’s not new

What really constitutes AI – Why Robots are classified as AI

The Adventure Twins – “Spirit” and “Opportunity”

Harnessing AI and the future of work

Benefits and barriers to AI adoption

Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Creative Intelligence

The value of an AI audit

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